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Looking for Jigs, buzzbaits, and Spinnerbaits???


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                               JAX JR                                                                 WILD JAX


                       KING STIX                                        DROP SHOT WORMZ 


                     WILD GRUBZ                                              JAX DADDYZ                               PHAT BELLY SWIMMERZ                                                    


             DS STRAIGHT WORMZ                     DHCB HATS AND SHIRTS  

  All orders are shipped priority mail with FREE SHIPPING on orders $75.00 or over

            All these baits are crafted by hand and ready to catch fish anywhere.  If you like what you see let us know.

       If you need a custom color just send us an email and we can work it out.  Take a picture of the fish you catch

                       and we'll post it on our Fish Pictures page.  Just send the picture to the email below.

    Just Email me at:  bobbydidier@gmail.com 

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